Threadache! EHG In the Name of Suffering

Here we go homies, this is the first in many to come of our merch blog Threadache, get into it! 

We’re going to be highlighting our favorite merch and sharing band info and other ways you can get into and help support all the sick artists we push merch for.

We picked an epic band for the first go… Eyehategod! In the Name of Suffering, fucking classic! NOLA forefathers of sludge and longtime favorite of the staff here at Portland Distro. If you’re not familiar, get familiar. If you are then you know how epic and life changing this shit was when it came out. Sludge at the time was maybe a handful of bands and EHG was was bulldozing at 1 mph to the front of the pack. The artwork is as ominous and hopeless as the music. Bold, brutal and bludgeoning, like a shirt should be. I see an EHG shirt and I hear SQUEEEE JUD SQUEEEEEEEEEE JUD JUD JU JUUUUH and feel sad, but remember I’ve got twelve in the crisper and an oz waiting for me… and this record. 

Go buy everything you can from these dudes, and this shirt. Links below

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  • tpzjauehzj

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Robin Goodhue

    Thanks homie looks great!

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